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Keturah Nelson

These shots are a representation of my past overview of the west town. Passing by too quickly only looking through the dusty car window, not fully experiencing my environment. This On my journey I stumbled across buildings I've never seen before. However, the road beside them were familiar. I personally believe Frederiksted town is lit with life and love and what makes it so “ghostly” is the lack of businesses in the buildings and the lack of life within them. The town and area itself is beautiful and something to truly take in.

The west town compared to her sister is considered that of a ghost town. We as the community must step out of that darkness and bring Frederiksted back to light. Most of what you see here is what some may consider barren While things can look like it may be depleting, another stage more bliss and blessed is blooming. Destruction=Constructive Opportunity.

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