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Joliza Encarnacion

This was an experience that really opened eyes. I am from East and can talk about East and tell you all the cool things to do and things I’m familiar with. This project had me really having to get to know and take my time and acknowledge that West is so beautiful and, to me, the most historic part of the island. It’s kept most of everything the same. It’s really something to admire and to take in and acknowledge that West doesn’t have the hype that East does and there is no reason it shouldn’t. It’s equally as beautiful. The whole island is beautiful, but for us, as the people, it is our job to make it and keep it beautiful for us to be happy and content to live here. Not only for me but for the future generation to enjoy the same things we did cause we made sure we did something. We took the time and put in the work to keep the beauty and essence of our island.

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