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Isobelle Yousef

This project has been an experience like no other, I delved into Frederiksted to find a world that relies on people who travel from outside the islands to help us catch ourselves. We have people who aren’t even from here, in charge of the fort. Officers who put effort in catching Ganga farmers rather than catching real criminals. We strayed away as a people from who we are - there is laziness in the air. Busy consuming fruits than growing them. When we improve our mindset, we improve the world. Our potential is beyond limitless, it is the foundation of health. In considering community, this doesn’t mean we must disregard those who came from outside the Virgin Islands to help us, we should appreciate the outside help we’ve received. By being open to learn more, we have gained more. However, it is also imperative that we give our people a chance to grow, rather than being quick to give it to someone who wasn’t even raised on St. Croix. Through my images, I hope you received a connection to my truth and hopefully to your truth. Everything begins within us - Initiate the change you want to see in this world.

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