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Photovoice is a community engagement process that uses photography to document, reflect upon, and communicate issues of concern, while stimulating social change. This project was done in collaboration with UpperClass OG, Joliza Encarnacion and David Berg to capture the youth perspective the Frederiksted Historic District. Our past, present and future.

This project was made possible by a grant from the St. Croix Founation for Community Development. 

Carl MIchael James

Joliza Encarnacion

Tywreh Nelson

Isobelle Yousef

Keturah Nelson

Yirakmeal Henry

David Berg_edited.jpg

David  Berg

Renowned Photographer and Youth PhotoVoice Trainer

David Berg is the owner of Blackwood Imaging and is a talented artist born in Puerto Rico and raised in St. Croix, but his artistic journey began in the states.
He spent a few years at a small college in Connecticut majoring in Liberal Arts. Following a serious physical injury, David turned to photography as a means to distract himself from the pain and also inspire his life towards a new direction. Once he picked up a camera, that was when David knew this art form was the only thing that could truly make him happy. He then moved to Massachusetts to follow his new found passion at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University and received his certification in 2008.
David returned to his home island of St. Croix, founded Blackwood Imaging, and has exploded into the art scene. Not only does David produce and create his own art shows, but he has also been featured in art shows or published by well-known organizations such as the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, MacheteMachete Art Studio and the Good Hope Art Show. The National Parks Services (NPS) has contracted David to use photography to capture the island's incredible and rich history. Some projects for the NPS have included photography for marketing material, documenting the Columbus Landing Beach and the organization's 15,000 piece collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts.

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