We believe this because we know community beautification:

  • Increases community pride and belonging.

  • Helps people love where they live.

  • Improves quality of life.

  • Draws new businesses and residents.

  • Generates tourism

  • Builds a foundation for economic revival.

We also know that residents care about enhancing our community’s beauty. Our first community cleanup was on October 25, 2014, Make a Difference Day, which was also a national day of service. More than 250 volunteers cleaned the entire town of Frederiksted. 


Since then, we’ve organized even more beautification projects and held community events to celebrate our culture and the arts. 

But that’s just where we get started. We planted a seed, now we’re ready to plant an entire garden.





We believe in Frederiksted as a community of opportunity. We believe that together, we can make it a more safe, vibrant, creative, and beautiful community, where everybody can benefit from increasing commercial interest and new businesses. 


We plan to build on these community-led successes by:

  • Investing even more in beautification.

  • Engaging more volunteers in activities that make them proud of their community and love where they live.

  • Ensuring that Frederiksted residents and small businesses benefit from increased outside development interest and from beautification that increases neighborhood appeal and increases in property values.

To do this, we will purchase and rehabilitate historic buildings to preserve them for the community. This community-driven transformation will celebrate Frederiksted’s past and build its future by providing affordable:


  • Community arts space to build a vibrant arts environment.

  • Offices and storefronts for small, locally-owned businesses.

  • Housing so that long-term residents aren’t displaced by gentrification and community entrepreneurs can live where they work.


Want to build a more beautiful and sustainable Frederiksted with us? 

Our Plan for Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Frederiksted