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Clean Sweep to Plant Seeds for More Local Produce in Frederiksted

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Thu Jan 16 2020 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Clean Sweep Frederiksted’s Urban Garden Workforce Development Program that taught locals how to do their own urban gardening, saving money and ensuring more families have access to healthy food in a food desert.

On Jan. 21, Clean Sweep Frederiksted will launch the Urban Garden Workforce Development program, a free program that promises to teach participants the fundamentals of urban gardening and farming.
Clean Sweep Frederiksted is an organization committed to making Frederiksted a wonderful place to live and visit. Founder Virginia Clairmont began this venture with the intention to create a thriving Frederiksted. Clairmont is a native Crucian, born and raised in Frederiksted. Upon her return to St. Croix after living abroad for 28 years, she asked the question “What happened to my community?” Clairmont is committed to creating opportunities to help improve the look, feel and horizon of Frederiksted’s future. She has already led countless programs with volunteers cleaning up different areas in town, along with other community engagement and beautification projects including 2019’s Seawalls Mural Project in partnership with Clean Sweep to bring awareness to the ocean.

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