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Community is at the center of everything we do. Frederiksted Voices is our plan to engage with residents and businesses to collaboratively design and deliver sustainable projects/programs that will improve all stakeholders' wellbeing in the Frederiksted historic district. If we are successful, we will have:


  • Encourage informed participation by consistently providing reliable and relevant information, establishing a trusted dialogue with the community, and empowering the public to engage more confidently and get involved.

  • A solid understanding of the public’s values and ideas.

  • Demonstrated the value of Clean Sweep Frederiksted as an active, collaborative, and supportive community partner on joint ventures and collaborative projects that respond to community-driven issues and priorities.


  • Improved decision-making and actions. The community adds an important dimension to our decision-making process. They add a crucial perspective to enrich our thinking and planning. This knowledge, integrated into local decision-making, helps ensure that the decisions we make are optimal for the community and best fit current conditions and needs.


  • Higher rates of community participation and leadership development by offering a variety of and meaningful opportunities for people to take part in the changes within their community, 

  • Built more trust in each other by making community engagement a priority and identifying opportunities to integrate community feedback in our processes. Solving problems together. 


  • Stimulated a vibrant community, retained residents, attracted and retained businesses, and improved our standing in the community. A positive city image draws visitors, residents, businesses, and employees to a community, which ultimately strengthens our community.

These outcomes will help us facilitate our vision of the Frederiksted historic district to be recognized as a vibrant, desirable, and sustainable community with a small-town atmosphere to live, work, learn, shop, play, and visit.


Our goal is to partner with community stakeholders to design and deliver projects and programs that will improve the well-being of all residents, business owners, and visitors that live, work, learn, shop, and play in the Frederiksted Historic District.  


PhotoVoice is a community engagement process that uses photography to document, reflect upon, and communicate issues of concern, while stimulating social change.


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