Clean Ups

Community Clean Ups 

Community cleanups build civic engagement, make neighborhoods safer, and deter further littering. After our first cleanup, we saw that the effects lasted. When the community was covered in trash, many people didn’t hesitate to throw their own trash in the street. But when they saw streets that were clean -- and knew that it was their fellow community members who cleaned it up -- they stopped dumping everything everywhere. Did it solve the litter problem? No. But it stopped normalizing littering and each cleanup since has had less trash and more volunteers.

Murals & Public Art

Murals and public art aren’t just pretty. They drive community pride, show off local artists, encourage pedestrian traffic, attract visitors, and create zero-barrier access to art for everybody in the community. 

Check out some of the mural projects we’ve been involved in.

Are you interested in sponsoring a mural on your building or in creating a mural? Contact us.

Arts & Community Events

Arts programming has countless benefits for communities. Nationally, 67 percent of Americans think that “the arts unify our communities," regardless of age, race, and ethnicity.”

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