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Marine Ecosystem and Biodiversity Loss


Christiansted/Crucian Gold

Marine Ecosystem and Biodiversity Loss

"For millions of years, wave after wave, the ocean maintains a unique rhythm, following tides and storms, the shores are covered with dead corals, animals, shells, and minerals.


The result of the marvelous life cycle, a dead giant conch shell for the hermit crab, and fish carcass nutrients that in the mangrove, butterflies appreciate.

Our capacity to develop a sensitive relationship with the ocean is universal, building our journey memories collecting dead shells on the beach, falling in love with their colors and shapes, mesmerized by hearing the ocean's voice inside them.

Between all those small natural treasures, revealing from those underwater memories, trash and plastic are joining offering a surreal vision of human impact.

From reefs to the mysterious deep waters, shores witness and reveal whispers of the surrounding aquatic world, screaming testimonials of a strange epoch where mermaid dreams are slowly fading away and white underwater desert are becoming a reality.

Such wonderful details teaching us how high upcoming challenges are, as the sea is showing us as generous she is every moment we’re standing eyes open contemplating it" - Mantra

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