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In our Hands


Claude O. Markoe School Interior

In our Hands

"My mural highlights the plight of shark populations and oceans around the world. Up to 100 million sharks killed annually, primarily targeted for the global trade in shark fins, we must act now to help save these often misunderstood apex predators from extinction.

Just like the real world, this shark in my mural has p a series of vibrant colors which are then juxtaposed bleached and ghost-like to indicate the danger and decay that both sharks and oceans are currently facing due to human impact.

It is critical to never lose sight of the fact that every living being on this earth is interconnected, both above and below the waves. It’s in our hands and critical that we take action to preserve oceans and shark populations for the health of the oceans and future generations.” Sabek -

PC: @yoshi_travel (Japan)

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