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Change the Cycle

Taj Francis

Marley Homes

Change the Cycle

"The overfishing of sharks for their fins is a global epidemic, and this is no different in the Caribbean. Shark fins are such a sought-after commodity, that it has resulted in the deaths of over 100 million sharks per year worldwide.

Unfortunately, due to negative media portrayal, many of us have very little sympathy for sharks. But I believe we can change that.

Through art, we can depict them as an important part of our oceans, in keeping the balance and cycle of the ecosystem.
For Seawalls St. Croix, I chose to depict the sharks being protected by and protecting the embodiment of the ocean in West African and Caribbean lore, the goddess of the seas, Yemaya | Yemoja.

It is my hope that this imagery will have a strong impact on those local to the area, and with anyone who sees it otherwise. Hopefully, we can all become more aware of their endangerment and respect their place in our oceans.” - Taj Francis

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