Founded in 2014, Clean Sweep Frederiksted (CSF) began as a grassroots initiative created in response to the serious litter problem plaguing Frederiksted Historic District. Our first community clean-up was held on October 25, 2015, Make a Difference Day, also a national day of service. Over 250 volunteers responded to our call to action to clear the entire town of Frederiksted of trash and debris. That told us that there was a collective drive for making the community a place where residents and local businesses can thrive and visitors can benefit from our art and natural beauty.

We are a volunteer lead organization. More than 95 percent of our work is led and performed by volunteers. Since our founding, our community has embraced our purpose. To date, volunteers have donated over 13,000 hours of community service hours valued at approximately $351,000 helping us to work towards achieving our mission of a safe, clean, and vibrant community. .

Some people look at dilapidated buildings and see a ruin. We see more than a ruin. Our community members see buildings of historic interest that can be rebuilt. We see beautiful foundations that we can use to build an even more vibrant and stronger Frederiksted. We see buildings that tell us where we come from.


Rehabilitation rather than razing our history means:


  • Preserving visual and architectural variety.

  • Celebrating our historic roots and saving the stories associated with these buildings.

  • Attracting tourists interested in culture, architecture, and history.

  • A greener approach than destroying and building new.

Our Approach